This Is Your Captain Speaking: Welcome to Letter Airplane!

Time to reveal what I've been working on: Letter Airplane!

I've been itching to get back into blogging ever since my adventures at A Great Big City, so now is the time. I'm taking the knowledge I gained running AGBC and creating Letter Airplane with a broader focus.

AGBC was completely NYC. Day-to-day, that meant writing a lot of articles about upcoming events and festivals interspersed with stories of crime and protests, which was much different than the news-and-public-info-focused Twitter stream of AGBC that I was truly interested in. I plan on posting a more in-depth post-mortem of AGBC, but that's a little background to show the ashes from which Letter Airplane will rise.

I've spent most of my life cramming my head with knowledge about any- and everything, and Letter Airplane will exist to share those findings. I've built in a bit of breathing room to see how the site develops, but I'm already excited to put the plan I've been working on into action. Did You Know and Tonight's Music will both be there, as well as news and exploration that I can't find elsewhere and a steady flow of updates on the @letterairplane Twitter account.

The Name

I was brainstorming a bunch of "news" names, using the thesaurus and Wordnik to play with related words. I liked the rhythm of "paper airplane" when it came up, but it was a bit too generic. When "letter" turned up as a word related to "paper", I started substituting it in my previous ideas and everything clicked when I wrote down It's still a new name, even to me, but I do enjoy playing with the airplane theme (like the title of this post), which I hadn't forseen, and Letter Airplane does achieve the "Newsy but not too newsy; Bloggy but not too bloggy" name that I was trying to find. :)

Thanks for joining me on this journey! If you have any comments or feedback to share, email and let me know what you think!