A Bike Ride to Brooklyn [music]

My favorite photo from today in Williamsburg – view on Instagram

Here’s a quick song I wrote about the bike ride I took through Brooklyn today. I went over to Brooklyn and took a bunch of photos and it was a pretty great day, in contrast to most others.

I like the idea of taking a photo of a place and being able to dictate how it’s remembered – that one fraction of a second will live on forever framed just the way you want it, with the features you wanted to remember, while other, possibly darker moments are left out of the scene (but are still lurking just outside the edge of the photo!)

The song is a bit too quiet and boomy – my mistake! Haven’t recorded in awhile :)

MP3 link: A Bike Ride to Brooklyn


On one outstanding morning, I rode my bike to Brooklyn
across an island and a bridge
To a place I wish I lived
To clear my head of all the nightmares from the night before

A cool breeze off the water
as I lift the camera in my hand
to document the place
and somehow keep it safe
from the lying, twisted darkness around the edge

And I’m happy there’s a way
to photograph a place so that it always stays the same
Cause when I fade away
I hope there’s something positive left that bares my name
And in a small and fragile way says:
I was here.
I existed.
But now I’m gone.